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Comes With Fries Services: Playlist Servicing and Strategic Playlist Management
We take on single, EP and album playlist campaigns for Australian and International artists and brands, pitching music to independent, company-owned and Spotify-owned playlists as well as our own playlists. We’ll provide up-to-date reporting on when and where your music is being added and heard. We also assist brands, labels and companies with playlist curation and positioning as part of a larger digital strategy.

Comes With Fries has also built a community of local and international music lovers with its independent channel of curated playlists, specialising in new Australian music. We have built over 20 playlists of a variety of genres and moods from Neo Soul and Aussie Hip Hop to Party Hits and Indie Throwbacks.


Follow our Spotify playlist ‘New Music Fries-Day‘ for the latest Australian and International releases ranging from indie, alternative and pop tracks. Updated weekly with love, these are the hottest releases in the game.


Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music  and other streaming services have changed the way we listen to and discover music. 112 million people use paid streaming subscription accounts globally, and the secret to hit-making today lies in playlisting.

There’s never been a better time to maximise your releases through streaming. In 2017 Australian and New Zealand artists earned $62 million in royalties from streaming in the year to date, a 127% increase from 2016. 

Get in touch today to find out how Comes With Fries can assist with your playlist strategy.


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